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About Ecoflame

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Mission Statement

Ecoflame International seeks to increase the well being of consumers throughout the world by providing education thereby encouraging responsible choices regarding their day to day living and their stewardship of the environment.

To accomplish these goals, Ecoflame International operates as a social enterprise, providing in a sustainable way, safe, high performance, competitively priced, non-toxic products which significantly reduce health risks and harmful greenhouse gas emissions thus enhancing the quality of life for all.

Our aim is to establish strategic business alliances which will result in mutually rewarding financial benefits while always adhering to ethical principles of business conduct.

We will establish Ecoflame International as one of the dominant players in the global market by expanding our current role as the "gold standard" for the chafing fuel industry.




Ecoflame International Inc. is a socially responsible company committed to the research, sustainable development and marketing of environmentally responsible products to the hospitality industry and the private consumer. Decarbonizing the world economies has become a crucial issue and a major challenge for all who have concern for the survival of future generations. Ecoflame International Inc. is playing a critical role in the preservation of the biosphere. 

Production began in 1998 and international distribution began in 2000.  Manufacturing facilities are located in Brazil with distribution currently in twelve countries. The performance and environmental impact of Ecoflame Lighting gel has been tested and certified by the most stringent and respected environmental Agency in the world, the Air Resources Board, California Environmental Protection Agency.  Ecoflame Heating gel has also been approved by National Defence Headquarters, Ottawa, ON Canada as NATO Commercial and Governmental Entity (NCAGE) CodeL0877.

Ecoflame International Inc. markets a sugar cane based ethanol, non toxic heating gel for use in the hospitality, restaurant and catering industries. EcoflameTM Gel is the "Gold Standard" for the chafing fuel industry as it burns cleaner, is safer, provides superior performance and significantly reduces ozone damaging carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide and consumer health threatening emissions of carbon monoxide and dioxin. These health and safety qualities make it the most attractive fuel for use also in enclosed areas, private homes and recreational activities.  As Ecoflame gel is energy efficient, it reduces carbon dioxide emissions and professional opinion suggests that on a global basis EcoflameTM is carbon neutral. Nitrous oxide gas, the second most serious ozone threatening greenhouse gas is eliminated completely. As all other chafing fuel heating products are derivatives of petroleum and natural gas, they produce poisonous emissions of carbon monoxide, carcinogenic causing dioxin, and are finite resources. 

Ecoflame based sugar cane is a renewable resource with no poisonous emissions and is packaged in refillable and recyclable steel cans.

In Canada, EcoflameTM Ethanol products are available to the consumer at several major foodservice distributors and the following national retailers:

♦ Canadian Tire Corporation
♦ Home Outfitters
♦ Bed Bath and Beyond
♦ Sobeys
♦ Party Packagers

In America, the food service industry is serviced through a network of regional and national distributors, Sysco Corporation, US Foodservice and Edward Don & Company. Warehousing is in place in Napa, CA, and shortly will be available in Syracuse, New York. Grace Kennedy Ltd. has been Ecoflame's distributor in the Caribbean for the past five years. EU countries with distribution include UK, Ireland, Spain, France, Portugal, Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.

Retail distribution in America is with Bed Bath and Beyond and I Party Stores.

The Summary "Current State of the Foodservice Heating Fuel Industry" provides a brief perspective on the highly toxic chafing fuel products currently available to the institutions and the consumer. 

Ecoflame's national awareness programs are ongoing. Institutional and consumer response to the clean, safe, green, superior performance properties and characteristics of the Ecoflame ethanol products is excellent. Additional brand names are being trademarked to facilitate our international marketing. During the past year, the "Hot Disc" product has been featured in several national publications; Vanity Fair, House & Gardens, This Old House, Sports Illustrated and was recently showcased on the NBC, TO-DAY SHOW. Additional television programming is planned.

A sugar cane based hand sanitizer and at least two ethanol based general purpose cleaners will be introduced to the North American consumer shortly.

Equally important is the growing commitment by the corporate community to find ways to balance environmental stewardship with economic prosperity.


Product Comparison

Product Comparison EcoFlame

Product Comparison EcoFlame